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A woman went to a lawyer and said she wanted a divorce. The lawyer got out his note pad, and proceeded to ask her some questions.

"Do you have any grounds?" he inquired. "Oh, yes," she replied. "About three-quarters of an acre."

The lawyer paused for a moment, then queried, "Do you have a grudge?" "No," the woman answered quickly. "But we do have a lovely carport."

Again the lawyer paused and then asked, "Does he beat you up?" "No. I get up before he does every morning," the woman re-ported.

Finally the lawyer blurted, "Lady, why do you want to divorce your husband?" "It's because," she explained, "that man can't carry on an intelligent conversation."

-Brent Barlow in Salt Lake City Deseret News

Glad Tidings of Good Things
Volum 10, March 3, 2005, page 2